Study of magnetic chucking methods for grinding machines

Magnetic chucking methods is commonly used in grinding machines as the workholding method. The development in this area is constantly ongoing and therefore a study of the state of the art technology and equipment is needed.

The scope of the thesis work is to evaluate electromagnetic- and permanent magnetic chucking methods.
The evaluation can consist of the following:

Pros and cons of the different methods
Rate the importance of the pros and cons
Derive a principal calculation method for use as a design guideline
Derive a theoretical calculation method for calculating the magnetic flow
Investigate the influence of magnetic flow depending on different material
Investigate different electronic control techniques for generating and control of magnetic flow
Investigate demagnetizing methods

The expected work of the thesis paper as follows:
Literature study
Theoretical calculations
Verifications of calculation methods by measurements in test Environment
Report on findings and conclusions (English)

This is suitable as a thesis work of a master degree program

Language: English

Start date: By agreement

Contact person: Jerry Atterklint, +46 510 88006