Study of thermal movement in mechanical structures

To correct a grinding wheels form is usually a diamond tool used. Typical working depth of diamond tool in to the grinding wheel is 10-30 µm. This is a critical process in mass production and require extremely high repeatability of the machine structure. To further improve a machine part to a higher level of stability needs a better understanding of influencing factors and their individual contribution to movements in a machine structure.

Theoretical calculation of heat related and other movements in CL 660 caused by temperature variations of incoming media ( i.e. Hydraulic oil, Coolant e.t.z.)
Measurement in machine to verify the theoretical calculation.

The expected work of this examination paper as follows:

Literature studie

Theoretical calculations

Verifications by measurements in machine

Report on findings and conclusions (English)

We believe you are participating in a technical program at a university. Required knowledge areas to be covered by participant: Machine structure, Temperature dependent structural behavior, Machining practice or equal.

Language: English

Start date: By agreement

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