Free customer support during Covid-19

We are right now facing a very significant crisis. All of us are affected by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, both privately and professionally. Our businesses are severely impacted by the reduced, or in some cases, non-existent, number of orders and levels of production. 

In this difficult situation, we are here to help. We have, for the time being, decided to offer you our service free of charge.


The offer of free service applies to all our global customers who operate an UVA or a LIDKÖPING grinding machine. 

The following applies:

  1. Send an e-mail to our temporary support address with following info:
    1. Machine number
    2. Customer and plant
    3. Reference person with contact info
    4. Short description of your problem
  2. You will soon be contacted by one of our available experts to set up a suitable time for you.
  3. We will provide service support over telephone or video link. The maximum support time is one hour per customer and plant, subject to available resources.
  4. The offer of free service is valid as long as this web page is open.

We look forward to being able to assist you in these difficult times.

//Your team at UVA LIDKÖPING