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UVA LIDKÖPING is a world leader in the field of precision grinding machines and one of the oldest machine manufacturers in Sweden. The company has its origin from two separate companies; Lidköpings Mekaniska Verkstad (Lidköping) and Ulvsunda Verkstäder AB (UVA), Stockholm, which were founded in 1875 and 1928 respectively.
Lidköping started as the city of Lidköping’s local mechanical workshop producing simple machinery, cast iron pumps, ploughs and other agricultural products. Also boats and steam engines were produced. The machine tool manufacturing started in 1902.
UVA began with production of hydrodynamic bearings as well as gearboxes for trains. The first UVA grinding machine was made in 1943.

1875 Lidköpings Mekaniska Verkstad (LMV) was founded.

1928 Nomy AB, which became later UVA, was founded in Stockholm.

1929 LMV is incorporated as a subsidiary to SKF.

1931 Nomy AB changes its name to Ulvsunda Verkstäder AB (UVA).

1982 KMT Precision Grinding GmbH was founded in Germany.

1986 LMV changes its name to Lidköping Machine Tools AB (LMT).

1996 UVA is incorporated in Karolin Machine Tools (KMT).

2000 LMT is incorporated in Karolin Machine Tools (KMT) and changes name to KMT Lidköping.

2000 KMT Precision Grinding Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd. was founded in China.

2007 UVA and KMT Lidköping merge into KMT Precision Grinding AB.

2008 Nordstjernan buys all the shares in KMT Precision Grinding AB and delists the company.

2009 KMT Precision Grinding Inc. was founded in USA.

2017 The company is incorporated into Dacke Industri AB, a Nordstjernan owned industrial sub group. KMT Precision Grinding and its subsidiaries in China, India, Germany and USA change name to UVA LIDKÖPING