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UVA LIDKÖPING is selling its products under the trademarks

Our trademarks are our company’s most valuable assets. For several reasons:

• They identify our products as our own, setting them apart from the competition.

• They serve as a guarantee of the quality we represent.

• They are instantly recognizable advertising symbols which strengthens customer’s awareness and preference.


After more than 75 years in the industry, UVA machines are world-leading in developing and manufacturing advanced equipment for precision grinding.
UVA delivered its first internal grinding machine to the Swedish bearing manufacturer SKF in 1943.

Since the mid-1960s, UVA has been the world’s leading producer of grinding machines for fuel injection components for internal combustion engines, especially diesel.

In 2001, UVA Nomyline was introduced, a grinding system capitalizing on linear servo-motor and hydrostatic slide technology. UVA Nomyline systems run by UVA-trained operators offer more than 98 % uptime for customers.



The LIDKÖPING trademark has been active since 1875 in Lidköping, Sweden.

In the early days, LIDKÖPING production covered a wide range of products, from cars and steam locomotives, to turning machines and grinders.

Today, UVA LIDKÖPING is manufacturing high precision grinding machines for the bearing, fuel injection, windmill, automotive, electromechanical and hydraulic industries.