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Nano Internal Grinder

Nano Grinder

Internal grinder

Technical Data

Work piece dimension - OD 8 - 72 mm
Work piece dimension - loading width 64 mm
Work piece dimension - grinding width 64 mm
Machine weight 1300 kg

The Nano Grinder is a unique grinding machine based on a completely new, patented design that offers exceptional customer benefits, including short cycle time, high uptime, ease of operation, low maintenance costs and high flexibility.

Our goal is to give you accuracy, efficiency and reliability through our products, our process knowledge and development, customer support and service. Through close cooperation with end-users, we ensure a correct and profitable solution for you, the customer.

Its compact size creates numerous benefits, a production line installed in a small room or at the end customer’s site, more machines per operator and an end to bottlenecks in existing lines – the Nano Grinder is a true winner. Through the combination of state-of-theart technology and unique X-Theta slides with air bearings and linear motors, the number of components has been greatly reduced.

Machine concept

Unique features

X-Theta Slide System
The conventional X-Y-Z axes have been replaced by an X-Theta slide system that produces a circular grinding feed movement. The workhead spindle is integrated in the basic machine and the eccentrically positioned grinding spindle is inside the workhead spindle.

Super Compact Design
The compact design; 0.58 x 0.60 x 1.3 m → higher stiffness and a ”force loop” of only 0.3 m → extremely high output.

Air Bearings and Linear Motors
The workhead spindle and X-Theta slides are supported by air-bearing technology and driven by linear motors → no metal-to-metal contact → everlasting performance and virtually maintenance free.

Ultra Precision
The X-Theta slide movement feedback is given by a two-dimensional glass scale. The positioning accuracy is programmed through the control system. For most applications, 0.01 μm is recommended.

High Uptime
The design and the use of certified components guarantee unique uptime. In fact the machine can also monitor the use of correct tooling parts.

Nano ID Grinder
The Nano Grinder utilizes an integrated workhead spindle  to drive the work piece. A specially designed high frequency grinding spindle is mounted in the x-theta slides in the center of the machine. The dressing tool is shaped as a ring with diamonds on the internal diameter and is located on the driver just below the workpiece.

The Nano Grinder is available with different work holding principles depending on production requirements.