UVA NomyOne

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Condensed Precision

Precision, Productivity, Uptime and Sustainability have traditionally been the key design considerations in all UVA LIDKÖPING grinding machines. Responding to market trends, we have additionally considered the value of floor space and the need for flexible machine control in the development of our newest grinder.

We are proud to introduce The NOMYONE™ as the newest member of the UVA LIDKÖPING family. The technology of NOMYONE™ is the product of our century-long accumulation of experience and knowledge delivering machines for high-precision grinding. In the NOMYONE™ we have further expanded our portfolio of small to medium size internal grinders.

Innovative NOMYONE™ Design

The core of the NOMYONE™ design is its efficient use of valuable floor space, low power consumption, and ease of use. UVA LIDKÖPING precision is refined in a new, condensed way.

The NOMYONE™ is built on a solid, thermally stable cast iron base. The unique placement of the hydrostatic slides and ball bearing work heads contribute to its cost-effectiveness.

The all new UVATRONIC Go control system provides an easy-to-use interface. Its smart, menu-based design allows for fast changeovers and overall ease of operation.

Expanding Our Key Markets

The NOMYONE™ is designed for precision grinding of small to medium size components typical of the bearing, compressor, hydraulic, and fuel injection industries. It works on smaller parts than the models LIDKÖPING SSB and SUU grinders, and less complex parts than the model UVA NOMYLINE grinder.