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Nomyline UVAi mc Grinding Machine

UVAi mc

Internal grinder

Technical Data

Work piece dimension - ID 1 - 36 mm
Work piece dimension - loading width 80 mm
Work piece dimension - grinding width 80 mm
Machine weight 6500 kg

UVAi  mc – middle clamping

Simultaneous grinding from both sides gives improved geometry and high ouput.



KMT UVA produces modular grinding solutions for small, high precision product components. As part of the KMT Group, we are committed to innovation and performance through precision in all aspects of our work and to added-value for customers through customized, high-speed, high volume solutions.


UVA Nomyline

UVA Nomyline is a modular grinding system that can be fully customized yet easily retooled for any grinding application. For customers, this means optimal production today…tomorrow…next month…next year.


Aftermarket services

The creation of value through precision does not end the day we deliver a machine. In fact, our aftermarket program to keep customer systems functioning at peak efficiency represents a third and growing portion of our total turnover.