UVA LIDKÖPING is Sweden`s largest machine tool manufacturer. We specialise in the manufacture of precision grinding systems.

The LIDKÖPING KMT Vertical grinding machines gives the user high output quality and can be set up for Internal, External hard turning and grinding operations.

Our goal is to give accuracy, efficiency and reliability through our products, our process knowledge and development, customer support and service. Through close cooperation with end-users, we ensure a correct and profitable solution for you, the customer.

Machine Concept

Hard turning and grinding, in sequence or simultaneously by two rams

Two rams mounted on a two columns, one single beam design.

Machine base made in cast iron.

With active close loop cooling system.

Work head fixed position work head spindle/worktable (C2)


Work head spindle/worktable

KMT designed hydrostatic bearings for both axial and radial support.

Rotary magnetic worktable diameter 4000 mm.

Magnetic chuck for centric work piece chucking.

Max 65 rpm, 13 kNm (VTG4000).

Direct driven by a torque motor, 20 kW, step less variable speed.

Max load on worktable 10 000 kg.


Grinding System / Left Ram

Slides system

Vertical left (W1) & Horizontal Left (U1) KMT Lidköping`s hydrostatic design. Linear motor driven hydrostatic slide.

Vertical stroke: 860 mm / Hydraulic brake.

Horizontal stroke: 2460 mm.

Max acceleration: 1 m/sec 2.

Max speed: 1 m/s.

Resolution: 0,01mm. The slides are working independently of each other.


Hard turning system / Right Ram

Slides system

Vertical right (x1) & Horizontal right (Z1). KMT Lidköpings hydrostatic design. Linear motor driven hydrostatic slide.

Vertical stroke: 850 mm / Hydraulic brake.

Horizontal stroke: 1960 mm.

Max aacceleration: 1 m/sec.

Max speed: 1 m/s

Resolution: 0.01μm. The slides are working independently of each other.


External/Internal grinding spindle

HF grinding spindle with support GMN TSE 260C-3500/40. 40 kW. Speed 1900-3500 rpm. Electro-mechanical balancing and A-E (gap) by Marposs P7.

Swiveling of grinding spindle, to be quoted on request


Automatic grinding wheel change, OD/ID wheels.

Wheel diameter 610, OD/ID

Wheel width 150 mm, OD/ID

Max 60 m/s, variable.

Integrated Coolant nozzles for OD & ID


Dressing unit for external and internal grinding wheels

The dressing unit is fixed to the machine base.

Single point dresser

NC disc dresser

Full profile dresser

Radius dresser


Tool system

Automatic tool changer: 5x/12x

Tool holder: Sandvik Capto C5 or acc. to customer demand.

Tool holder material: Densimet

Measurments: Including probe for tool control. Tool monitoring system.


Control system

Graphical user interface provides user-friendly controls and integrated program generator, IPG. The control system is Siemens 840D sl (Solution Line).

The SINUMERIK 840D solution line is a distributed, scalable, open and inter-connecting control system that offers a wide range of functions. This flexible, universal CNC can be used for up to 31 axes.




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