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You are here: UVA LIDKÖPING / High Volume SSB 320

LIDKÖPING SSB 320 Internal Grinder

High Volume SSB 320

Internal grinder

Technical Data

Work piece dimension - OD 50 - 320 mm
Work piece dimension - loading width 120 mm
Work piece dimension - grinding width 120 mm
Machine weight 7500 kg

KMT Precision Grinding is Sweden’s largest machine tool manufacturer. We specialise in the manufacture of precision grinding systems.

Our goal is to give you accuracy, efficiency and reliability through our products, our process knowledge, customer support and service. Through close cooperation with end-users, we ensure a correct and profitable solution for you, the customer.

A new series of internal and external grinders for high volume manufacturing of bearings and similar parts. The machine concept is based on the earlier generations of Lidkoping machines delivered in thousands all over the world. While this concept originally was made for the small range bearing sizes, the all new High Volume™ machines take this well proven concept also into the medium and large segment of bearings and other work pieces.

Machine Concept

Slide system

The length- and the cross-slides, are hydrostatic for a trouble free and accurate positioning. The slide’s hydrostatic pockets are cross-balanced thus self-adjusting for lateral forces. The close to zero-friction avoids all slip-stick effects and since there is no metal-to-metal contact, the slide has everlasting life. The slides are driven by servomotor and ball screw or linear motor (optional).


Fast full profile diamond roller dresser for the highest productivity needs or NC-dresser for more flexibility.

Grinding spindles

A direct driven grinding spindle enabling grinding wheel peripheral surface speeds up to 60 m/s.

Work head spindle

The work head spindle is direct driven supported by high precision angular contact ball bearings. The work head can be swiveled -0.5 to 30 degrees.

Gauging method

In-process 2-finger electronic gauging head.

Machine control

Graphical user interface provides user-friendly controls. Control System, Siemens 840D sl.
As an option the machine can be equipped with Acoustic Emission analysis for grinding process supervision and gap-elimination.

Chucking principle

Shoe centerless or centric.


The work pieces are loaded through in- and outlet chutes.

Grinding operations

Internal grinding of  bearing rings, rollers or other applications.