UVA LIDKÖPING workpieces

Speed, reliability and innovative solutions are critical for the machine tool maker who wants to serve the highly competitive automobile, bearing, hydraulic and other industries.

That’s why UVA LIDKÖPING is a preferred machine tool partner to the world’s leading automotive,- bearing and hydraulic producers.

We deliver accurate, high-output grinding capability for a wide range of components, and grinding solutions that set benchmarks for cost-effective production.

UVA LIDKÖPING has over 100 years experience in grinding applications. Worldwide, most major bearing manufacturers are using our machines. Our various machines are capable of grinding bearings up to 4000 mm diameter.

In today’s automotive market, we face excellent opportunities for continued growth. Increasingly stringent fuel consumption and emission requirements and new injection systems for alternative fuels are triggering the development of new fuel technology. In addition, more and more passenger cars are utilizing diesel technology.