Code of Conduct

UVA LIDKÖPING adheres to a high standard of ethics and our Code of Conduct is central to us.

We adheres to a high standard of ethics, and our business philosophy of decentralized leadership puts increased demand on every employee’s professionalism and integrity. Our Code of Conduct reflects who we want to be and how we want to be perceived.

We act with integrity in all business relationships

We act with integrity and high ethics in all our business relationships and expect the same from our partners.

We shall follow applicable laws and regulations in all countries we operate.

All our activities shall be built upon a sound business culture and fair competition. We adhere to applicable competition laws, which prohibit any agreements or arrangements between competitors that restrict competition.

We shall always act in the company’s best interest and avoid any conflict of interest.

We shall not engage in corruption, extortion, embezzlement, or bribery, and we will not tolerate improper or corrupt payments – made directly or indirectly – to a customer, government official, or any other third part.

No employee may offer, receive or promote payments, gifts, or other benefits that could influence or may be perceived to influence our objectivity in a business decision.

Our employees may only offer or receive gifts, meals, etc., that are compatible with applicable laws and generally accepted local business practice.

Our safety vision is Zero accidents and our priority is a safe working environment

All companies within UVA LIDKÖPING are to:

Prevent accidents by an organized, and documented safety work.

Register and follow up all incidents, near misses and accidents.

Report any Lost Time Accident (LTA) to UVA LIDKÖPING´s CEO within 48 hours – including root cause analysis and actions to eliminate future risks.

Report LTAs, other accidents, and near misses in the Monthly report.

We strive to offer our employees opportunities to develop and grow

We encourage an open, communicative and informal culture within each company.

All employees and applicants for vacant positions must be treated equally, fairly, and strictly on objective grounds, regardless of their situation, like gender, ethnicity, politics, age, sexual orientation, and functional disability.

We don’t use or tolerate the use of child labor or forced labor.

Harassment, threats, or other unsuitable conduct are not permitted.

We respect all employees’ right to form and join a trade union.

We shall ensure that salaries and benefits meet or exceed the minimum statutory or industry levels in each country, and we shall always comply with legislation and industry standards on working hours in each country.

We strive to offer employees good opportunities to develop their skills, perform various tasks, and take on greater responsibility.

We shall ensure that registration, archiving, and employee data are treated with strict confidentiality and compliance with local laws

We shall promote an ecologically sustainable development

Our communication policy is to be open and accessible, providing factual and continuous information about our products, services, and development.

We shall protect our IP rights and business secrets at all times.

We shall work intensely to promote ecologically sustainable development for our products, our operations, and during our business trips.

We shall continuously operate socially responsibly and within the framework of national legislation in all countries where we are established.

We shall always include the sustainability aspects in new investments.

We shall interact positively with the local community and are open to supporting local schools, universities, and non-profit organizations.

We do not engage or comment on political issues in the countries where we operate.