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Customer Services LIDKÖPING

LIDKÖPING Customer services

Main objective

The main objective for the Customer Services department at UVA LIDKÖPING is to optimize your utilisation of your existing UVA LIDKÖPING machines for our trademarks UVA and LIDKÖPING.

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UVA LIDKÖPING Customer Services – Around the world

The presence at our customer is important to us, therefore we have strengthen our organisation at our UVA LIDKÖPING sites in the world.
Our offices in Sweden, China, Germany, India and USA have full support for spare parts, field service and other sales activities for repairs, rebuilds, upgrades etc.

Sales, Service and Manufacturing facilities

UVA LIDKÖPING in Lidköping is a high-technology company in
the vanguard of grinding research and development.
Manufacturing high precision grinding machines and turnkey solutions mainly for the bearing and automotive industry.
With over a 100 year old tradition of engineering excellence.

UVA LIDKÖPING in Bromma – UVA, Sweden
UVA LIDKÖPING in Bromma produces modular grinding solutions for small, high
precision product components. We are committed to innovation
and performance through precision in all aspects of our work and
to added-value for customers through customized, high-speed,
high volume solutions.

UVA LIDKÖPING PMI perform machine rebuilding to smoothen your production
flow and simplify machine operation. UVA LIDKÖPING PMI also provides
spare parts for all UVA LIDKÖPING brands and products, tooling, training and
onsite technical support such as quality, uptime and productivity

Sales and Service facilities

Full support of field service, spare parts and training.

UVA LIDKÖPING Leonberg, Germany
Full support of field service, spare parts and training.

UVA LIDKÖPING Beijing, China
Full support of field service, spare parts and training.