Upgrade – Tooling

Cost effective tooling

Tooling design is an integral part of the development process for new machines. Its input at the early stages can steer and positively affect a machine’s ultimate design. Major customer benefits are faster change-over times, better handling characteristics and cost-effective tooling. we can rapidly produce the necessary construction specifications once all parameters are defined.

Most components are machined in-house. Assembly and testing are also done here, so ’turnaround’ times from approved specification to shipment can be very short.


We will, on the customers’ request, present a suggested retool, to match the customers’ present or coming needs. This covers everything from simple retooling of chucks and loading chutes, to complete renovation and rebuilds for totally new applications.


Tooling deliveries are critical for our customers. Continuous review and improvement at UVA LIDKÖPING, and intimate collaboration with sub-suppliers and customers enables us to provide the fastest tooling deliveries possible.