Upgrade – UGC operator panel

Prolong the life time of your UVA 2 and UVA 2,5 machines

• Modern, large and bright screen with touch functionality
• Panel PC based on modern technology.
• Supported by UVA LIDKÖPING for at least 10 years.
• Satellite unit
• Simplified backup routine.
• USB port
• Data transfer

A new UVA operator panel (UGC) for your UVA machine

The new UGC can offer many advantages with respect to user friendliness,
internet connectivity and the use of standard components.
The new UGC is available for all Uvatronic 2 and Uvatronic 2,5 machines.


Components of the original Uvatronic 2 UGC are reaching end of
life and repair costs are increasing due to old
technology. Therefore, we now introduce the new UGC with
modern technology that offers many improvements
as compared to the existing UGC.


A newly designed PC program handles the communication
with the Uvatronic 2 system. A small PLC unit handles
the control over the Bosch Rexroth (VAM) operator
panel and the PLC hardware is placed in the electrical
cabinet. The operator panel and the satellite unit consists
of the same components as the panel and satellite
of Uvatronic 3. To ensure that data is not lost due to
power failure while writing on the disc, an optional UPS
hardware is available. Communication between PLC and
operator panel is handled via Ethernet and the communication
between the operator panel and the Uvatronic
2 is handled via the U2 interface.

The new screen is larger and brighter than the old one,
being based on a standard Panel PC, the new UGC will
be easier to support and maintain. The added satellite
makes it easier to set up the machine, to defined references
etc. Instead of connecting a PC to Uvatronic 2 in
order to up- and download files, this can now simply be
done by connecting a USB memory to the USB port on the new UGC.

The panel PC will include U2 serial program which can
be used when the machine is updated with new PLC
programs. As compared to the original UGC, the new
UGC offers a number of benefits, such as a satellite unit
and the possibility to store backups. It prolongs the
life time of your machine.


The old UGC including the arm is dismounted from the
machine and the new unit is put in its place. A simple
adaptor plate is included to make the new arm fit.
The PLC unit is mounted on a suitable place in the electrical
cabinet. New cables are installed from the electrical
cabinet to the UGC. Finally the machine is started up and
the functionality is verified. Estimated installation time, two days.



Modern touch-screen

Modern, large and bright screen with touch functionality.
Fewer components which can break: Fewer mistakes due
to better usability.

Based on modern Panel PC technology

Standardized, modular technology results in better availability
of spares Improved support due to modern technology,
supported by KMT for at least 10 years.

Satellite unit

A satellite unit allows the operator to move more freely
around the machine while setting references etc. This saves
time during reference setting and increases safety.

Backup routine

The UGC PC simplifies the backup routine. Saves time
when backing up system Dedicated PC and special software
not needed any more. excluding installation cost.
If your Uvatronic 2 or
Uvatronic 2,5 machine is equipped with a CRT-screen,
please contact us for correct price.


USB port

The USB port on the new UGC can be used to up- and
download files to the Uvatronic 2 system. Saves time and
optimizes your work flow.

Data transfer

Provides a platform on which data from Uvatronic 2 easily
can be collected by the UGC computer, and forwarded to
a mainframe computer.


• Uvatronic 2 backup system
This system provides a fast and easy method of backing
up the PLC and NC programs of your machine
• The system has a UPS backup hardware to ensure that
data is not lost in case of power failure