Upgrade – Control System Exchange

Exchange your control system

Higher sustainability in your UVA LIDKÖPING grinding machine

UVA LIDKÖPING offers a complete exchange of your old control system

– Lower storage cost for spare parts
– Higher availability
– Increase productivity
– Eliminate maintenance headaches and need for high-cost spare parts.
– Prepared for sustainability program energy saving, cost saving
– Improve reliability and uptime
– Deliver a fast return on investment
– Leverage the strengths of UVA LIDKÖPING’s productive grinder

Service and spares are available through UVA LIDKÖPING’s global network of sales and service
locations The control upgrade delivers OEM support. Controls are designed, installed
and supported by the same company that built your machines.


When replacing the old control system with the new, UVA LIDKÖPING exchange package, your LIDKÖPING grinder will be:

– Easier to use, set-up, and adjust via menu-driven programming.
– Extended lifetime on your machine equipment.
– More reliable by eliminating the most significant cause for downtime – old electrical controls.
– Cheaper to own by avoiding expensive spare parts in stock that are subject to obsolescence.
– Simple to retrofit with other UVA LIDKÖPING upgrade such as energy and cost saving kit.
– Higher in quality with higher resolution with servo drives, improve in size and profile accuracy – down to 0.001 mm


1. UVA LIDKÖPING builds a complete new control cabinet, with Siemens840D sl control system, new internal wiring components and basic program.

2. A control package including Siemens Safety Integration is installed, a unique feature not available in competitive controls that protects key machine elements against unexpected crashes and increase personal safety.

3. Assemble and start-up of the control package.

At Customer site

4. The complete control system is sent to your factory and our service technicians arrive. They will dissemble the old equipment then assemble and start up the new control system.

5. Short downtime for the machine during installation.

6. Possibility to exchange the control system in several machines at the same time

For more information please download the catalogue, Control System Exchange LIDKÖPING Grinder-English