Upgrade – Cycle time

Benefits of Cycle Time Optimisation

Cycle time optimisation is made directly on the machine in your
factory. A laptop with appropriate software is all that is needed.


– Shorter cycle time
– Increased production
– Enhanced quality
– Unnecessary program steps removed
– Less memory space used

Optimisation can be divided into different steps:

– Analysis of the normal production cycle and timing of each step.
– Identification of the bottle necks and estimation of the timing.
– Optimisation of the mechanical, pneumatically and hydraulic non quality effecting events.
– Optimisation of the NC program non quality effecting events.


The machine production cycle will be analysed and documented with reference to cycle time.
Mechanical adjustments and software changes will be made to shorten the cycle time without
effecting quality. Additional actions related to the grinding process itself will be discussed
with customer and how it may effect the cycle time and the product quality.


– The optimised machine will have shorter cycle time. The gained time can be used for
increased production, enhanced quality or both.
– The program will be examined by an experienced grinding process specialist.
– Unnecessary program steps will be removed; less memory space will be used.



– Applicable to all Uvatronic 2 with menu programing and all Uvatronic 3 machines.
– Cycle time optimisation is suitable for all machine configurations and applications e.g.
Pump components
– In general more complex applications have higher potential
– The gain in cycle time and/or quality improvement is process dependent and
can be estimated with detailed information about the process