Remanufacture your existing UVA grinding machine.

Machine remanufacture by UVA LIDKÖPING is an excellent way to economically bring your plant up to date.

It is an investment to smoothen your production flow and simplify machine operation.

The lifetime of a UVA LIDKÖPING grinding machine usually exceeds the lifetime of the customers application. By remanufacturing or retooling the machine the performance can be restored and improved and the machine adapted to a different application.

 In short, an investment which will quickly pay for itself. Electronics, control systems, pneumatics and hydraulics all can be upgraded.


– Delivery time typically less than half of a new machine

– Performance is comparable to a new machine

– The machine can be re-configured for a new workpiece

– Improved production performance


– Capital spending is minimized

– A complete renovation for the current application

– Electrical rebuilt, mechanical rebuilt or both

– A rebuild for a new application

– Retooling of chucks and loading chutes

– Rebuild is made at UVA LIDKÖPING or at customer site depending on extent

– Minor rebuild and retooling can be done at the customer site