Upgrade – Acoustic Emission

Grinding wheel contact

What is really happening between the grinding wheel and each individual workpiece? How does it affect your production quality and overall productivity? Can the noises made by the grinding wheel help you to improve your quality and productivity?

The answers to the first two questions are: plenty, and dramatically! To the third question, the answer is a resounding YES!
Better understanding of the noises made by your machine will help you to:


– Stop grinding ‘in the air’
– Stabilize your process
– Minimize unnecessary dressing
– Predict and avoid impending machine problems

What we can offer

UVA LIDKÖPING is now introducing Acoustic Emission testing (AE), a proprietary process which will enable you to ‘hear’ and avoid problems before they occur. Employing a specialized sensor, AE detects sound patterns in your machine in a range of ultrasonic frequencies, and communicates them to your operators in a graphic format.

The information made available will help you to reduce grinding wheel consumption, reduce down-time and shorten grinding cycles. Above all, it will help you to achieve more uniform quality.

Free your resources

Despite improved user interfaces, today’s complex production machines are difficult to master. Inexperienced operators need support to become confident and proficient. Achieving that goal also frees your experienced operators to focus on their own work, and helps to raise overall quality. Our AE package includes installation and commissioning and the necessary operator training. It will help to secure your production and give you measurable savings.