Upgrade – CNC and electrical to U3

Prolong the life time of your UVA machines


The U3 upgrade kit includes,
• A new, complete, electrical cabinet equipped
with a small pneumatic cabinet on the side
• New cabling
• Operator screen and panel with satellite
• Servo system with in-built safety
• The I/O system is profibus based.
• ASI Safety monitor
• Servo motors for all current servo controlled axis
• Pneumatic equipment
• The Uvatronic 3 control system
• New PLC and PLC programs
• Installation work and functional test

Upgrade your UVA machine from U1 and U2 to UVA3

This new upgrade will prolong the life of your machines for many years.The machine will have a state of the art user interface, a fast computer and the latest UVA control system technologies.


Modern, large and bright screen with touch functionality

• Fewer components which can break
• Fewer mistakes due to better usability and ergonomics

Based on modern PC technology

• Standardized, modular technology results in better
availability of spares

Improved support due to modern technology,
supported by UVA LIDKÖPING for at least 10 years

A satellite unit allows the operator to move
more freely around the machine while setting
references etc.

• Saves time during reference setting
• Increased safety

Modern PLC and NC program environment

• Easier to develop and maintain
• Better availability of competent resource

Potential for improved grinding quality

• For U1 machines, the resolution of 1 μm will be
improved to 0,1 μm
• Improved data communication allows for the addition
of process equipment such as acoustic emission, sensing
for grinding and dressing, measuring equipment etc.

Modern user interface provides for much more
flexible control of the grinding process
The UGC USB port can be used to up- and download

• Saves time, optimizes your work flow

Remote connection

• Remote connection capability makes it possible to
remotely troubleshoot and diagnose the system and up
and download files to UVA LIDKÖPING
• Speeds up support which saves downtime and
minimizes the need for service technicians to travel to
your site.
• The interface to customers’ main frame environment
enables upload of machine status and measuring data
• More optimized work flow

Availability of spares and repairs

• Spares availability for at least 10 years
• Costs for electronics are decreasing due to new technology,
which results in a lot lower spare parts and repair
costs as compared to Uvatronic 1 and 2 environments

Pneumatic equipment, as oilmist units, valve block
etc. is replaced and mounted on the machine base.
Air inlet, lubrication and filter for air coolant is
placed on electrical cabinet side

• Saves floor space as old pneumatic cabinet is removed
• New equipment provides for more reliable machine


The new system is based on a Bosch Rexroth MTX system,
a new, modern control system in an industrial PC with
Windows OS. The CNC and PLC run on a separate board,
therefore eliminating any time-influence from the Windows
The touch screen, operator panel and satellite are mounted
on an arm connected to the machine base. New I/O
bus (PROFIBUS) with new I/O modules is included. A new
Bosch Rexroth servo system is provided with latest servo
drives and motors. The measuring system is absolute and
safety is integrated. Also the converters for spindles are
from Bosch Rexroth.
A well proven satellite unit is used. The system has UPS
backup hardware to ensure that data is not lost in case of
power failure.


• Rebuilding and installation of the new electrical cabinet
and required mechanical parts is performed at UVA LIDKÖPING
premises or at customer site, depending on
the agreement with the customer.
• Electrical start-up of the machine
• Grinding and function test with customer
• Demonstrate that the machine delivers the same or
better grinding performance as achieved prior to the
retrofit. A pre-qualification test to measure the machine
performance must be done prior to the shipping of the
machine to UVA. The test’s performance document,
including tolerance capability will be used as a reference
at installation of the retrofitted machine