Upgrade – Dittel Sensor

Improve Process Stability and Cycle Time

Reduces non-productive grinding time and stabilizes
the process by allowing rapid feed of the grinding
wheel to point of wheel-work contact.


Facilitates optimization of the grinding process.
• Reduces the non-productive grinding time.
• Provides data to help analyze and fine tune the grinding process.
• Monitors the dressing process to minimize wear of
expensive diamonds and abrasives.
• Combines the dressing spindle and sensor for dresscycle
development and control.


HW AE 4100-1E Dittel display.
• Dittel acoustic emission unit.
• Re-design of the chuck, work spindle, circuit diagram.
• Software (PLC and NC) development for the integration.


A Dittel sensor provides a so called first detection when the
grinding wheel gets in contact with the work piece. The sensor
provides a process visualization on the screen which gives a possibilit
to make conclusions and to enhance the grinding process.


Installation estimated to 3 days of work