Machine Health Assessment

Is your machine optimized to meet your customers’ needs?

After years of hard use, it may be difficult for your grinder to hold required tolerances or production output levels. Unidentified production disturbances may occur. Or, quite simply, your production needs may have progressed beyond the capabilities of the machine you originally specified. It may be time to ease your concern by enlisting UVA LIDKÖPING’s expert inspection capabilities.

Another reason for an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) inspection of your grinding machine is to make a risk assessment, thereby helping your operations to reduce the occurrence of unforeseen downtime.



– A specialist will give you a thorough objective evaluation of the current condition of your machine or machines

– A quotation for a complete machine refurbishing or machine upgrade, the cost for the inspection may be free of charge when placing orders.



An inspection will include the following steps:

– An objective assessment of the machine. A standard check list is employed, to provide you with a record of the assessment.

– Where adjustments or corrections can be made on the spot, this will be done.

– When the inspection is completed, the surveyor will review the survey protocol with you, and identify priorities on suggested repairs.

After the inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing its findings and suggestions.

Following the assessment, it is up to you to decide what you would like to do. We will of course be at your disposal to follow up and offer repairs, suggested maintenance, possible upgrades or replacement parts. Under certain circumstances, the Health Assessment made at your machine can be credited if you place further orders for the inspected machines by UVA LIDKÖPING.

Remember that original parts and services ordered by UVA LIDKÖPING also may benefit from adhering warranties that can further enhance cost efficiency of your machine fleet.

Some parts being checked during the Machine Audit



• Straightness

• Backlash

• Deflection on both axial and lateral movement


• Chuck run out

• Alignment

Grinding Spindle

• Quill run out

• Connection integrity

• Alignment


• Backlash

• Alignment


• Condition of mechanical mounting and diamond

Measuring Station

• Alignment

• Calibration

• Servo repeatability

Overall condition of machine

• Hoses, pipes, fittings

• Gauges

• Safety guarding and interlocks

• Filters and regulators

• Overall condition of wiring, fittings, connections

• Leaks

• General condition of machine and its cleanliness

Hydraulic and Pneumatics Systems

• Cleanliness

• Pumps and delivery

• Filters, gauges, and regulators


Main electrical enclosure

• Cleanliness, and sealing

• Relays and filters

• Cooling fans

• I/O Board

• Power supplies and monitors

Circuit breaker

Pneumatic cabinet

• Sensors, valve connections

Electronic control cabinet

• Circuit boards and connections

• Sensors

• Power supply

Operator’s Panel

• Keyboard and displays

• Voltages

• Push buttons and selector switches

Overall machine

• Terminal connections and enclosures

• Proximity sensors and wiring

• Plugs and lamps

• Motor connections and directions

• Drives and amplifiers