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Precision Assembly LIDKÖPING grinding machine

Upgrade – Ballscrew Harmonic Drive

New capability for older LIDKÖPING grinding machines


- Higher Accuracy
- Greater Grinding Productivity
- Faster Set-up Times
- Ease of Machine Operation and Control
- Quick return on investment


UVA LIDKÖPING is pleased to offer a simple, low cost, high output solution for older centerless grinder models that delivers a precision ball screw and harmonic drive retrofit/update giving:

- Higher accuracy though finite positioning control, with reso lution down to 0,001MM.
- Tighter control over feed and dress performance results in greater size-control
- Greater production rates over the original design, through higher feed rates, and finite control over machine motions.
- Greater efficiency. Wasted cycle time is eliminated through high-speed feed and index capabilities that were not available in the original machine designs.
- Ease of control over the grinding process through finite digital positioning and grinding cycle monitoring.
- Reduced set-up times through digital positioning and readout, while also facilitating repeat set-ups.
- Quick return on investment through low cost and quick retrofit time. The machine never leaves your factory during
installation of the affordable retrofit.

The highlights of the retrofit hardware include

- Precision Ground Ball Screw, designed by and manufactured for Lidköping for optimum accuracy and performance.
- No belts/pulleys – all motion is handled through Harmonic Drive coupling.
- Precision Harmonic Drive enabling high resolution
- Digital readout of slide position
- Mounting hardware, ready for installation by UVA LIDKÖPING service.
- Supporting documentation