Upgrade – Scanning equipment

The UVA Scanning equipment help you take control

The system provides monitoring and graphical illustration of the entire measured profile. By scanning a bore, machine compensation can be made of the bore profile. This help to compensate correct for form issue.


– Less scrap rate through better process stability.
– Trouble shooting made easy.
– Money saved


– Post process measurement provides possibilities to monitor and adjust part quality.
– Scanning as compared to traditional post process measure ment evaluates the entire profile not only 2 or 3 points
– The system provides the profile and numerical values, colour indication shows if value is within tolerance or not.
– The powerful scanning equipment allows for complex com pensation strategies to be added, either by KMT or by the
customer (without involvement of UVA LIDKÖPING).

How do you do it?

The part to be measured is placed in the measuring station by the machine loader. The machine control system moves the part through the probe. The transducer converts the pneumatic signal and forwards the results, using RS485, to the scanning system. By using RS485 we achieve a stable and safe communication.
The scanning software analyses the signal in different aspects, presents results on the touch screen and forwards information to the machine control system via Profibus. The touch screen is used to configure and operate the scanning system.

Available for

The UVA Scanning equipment is available for all Uvatronic 2,5 and
Uvatronic 3 machines.
Uvatronic 2 machines can be upgraded to Uvatronic 2,5 machines,
ask for a quote.