Service Contract

UVA LIDKÖPING offers a Service Contract with preventive maintenance actions offering quality service, available spare parts, technical support, training, etc., throughout the lifetime of the equipment purchased. Again, for this reason, we have developed a comprehensive and modular range of support related activities that can be tailored in accordance with individual customer requests and requirements.

The different service levels are to be discussed depending on your needs.


Yearly machine intervention including:
– Machine inspection resulting in a MachineStatus Protocol with recommended actions.
– Preventive maintenance intervention.
– Service assistance during 8 hours (available in plant for any actual topic).
– Quarterly remote machine diagnostics over internet.
– Kits with parts for periodical ”do it yourself” maintenance.


The preventive maintenance is to be performed by a Supplier technician.

Work outside the scope of this contract will be treated separately.

The UVA LIDKÖPING machines covered by this preventive maintenance contract would be serviced per the terms of agreement every six (6) months a complete machine inspection covering all identification and diagnosis of the machine status.The dates for UVA LIDKÖPING machine preventive maintenance occasions are defined per the following schedule: “To be determined and planned together with customer”.

The supplier will report in a protocol to the Customer, one (1) week after the machine inspection. The report will inform about necessary actions in three levels. The planning for the necessary actions will be decided depending on spare part availability and access to the Customer factory.

Level 1 is characterized by basic actions which should be carried out by qualified personnel using detailed procedures.
Level 2 is characterized by complex actions carried out by qualified technical personnel using detailed procedures.
Level 3 is characterized by actions which imply the know-how of a technique or a technology and carried out by specialized technical personnel.