Upgrade – AirSave™ Solution


UVA LIDKÖPING is introducing an innovative system that dramatically reduces the compressed air consumption of your machine without compromising on performance or its output quality.

Estimated savings for one production channel:

TRB production channel, 6 Machines, operating 7200 h/year

Reducing CO2 (kg)/Year
Approx. 158 000 CO2 ton / year

Saved Cost / Year
Approx. 141 000 Euros/year

UVA LIDKÖPING is awarded for the innovation by SKF, The SKF Supplier Excellence Award.

AirSave™ Solution for Sustainable Manufacturing

The system can be implemented on new machines and also retrofitted to already installed LIDKÖPING machines.
It can also be applied to other machine brands. A simple cost efficient solution to upgrade your machines to support
your sustainability.

The innovation is supporting the UVA LIDKÖPING climate strategy and the solution is awarded for the possibility to dramatically
reduce compressed air consumption without compromising on the machine performance and output quality.

AirSave™ for Cost Saving

The system is developed by UVA LIDKÖPING to let your machines run at 4 bar inlet pressure instead of 6 bar.
By retrofitting your machine with the AirSave™ system, you will be able to save money in several ways.

Tests have shown a very fast pay-off time with a ROI usually well under 12 months.

Here are some of the cost savings:

– Energy costs – Compressors operate at decreased pressure
– Air saving – Air reduction including leakage detection
– Longer MTBF – Less wear of components
– Less air consumption – CO2 cutback
– Inlet flow measuring – Simple handling and low maintenance costs
– Reduced sound level – Better work environment

AirSave™ Technology

The AirSave™ consists of an air sealing system designed for KMT hydrostatic slides and a pneumatic module enabling the machine to run at an inlet pressure of 4 bar (58 psi, 0,4 MPa).
During the installation all existing pneumatic parts will be replaced by the new air reduction system; standard racks can be re-used. The system will then be connected to the machine. After the assembly a machine system test will be run and the air reduction effects of the modifications can be measured.

This is included in the system:

– Designed air sealing system for UVA LIDKÖPING hydrostatic slides
– Steel body leak proof valves
– Pneumatic module
– UVA LIDKÖPING designed slide sealing system