Upgrade – U2 Backup

U2 Backup system

Provides a fast, secure and simple way of backing
up your Uvatronic 2 machine, which will save you
a lot of time and money.


Backup and restore is faster, and only requires very few
commands to be issued. The backup procedure is secure,
the original procedure has been improved in many ways.
The “PC Serial” program controls the entire backup procedure
in a simple way.

This program can also be used to install new PLC programs
a lot easier. When switching battery, the new
backup system makes the battery exchange procedure
much faster and safer.


The machine PLC program is updated so that PLC parameters
can be backed up. The PC based program “PC U2
Serial Light” is provided as part of this upgrade package
and this program is used in a simple and efficient way to
perform a backup of PLC and NC programs.

This program also provides:

• Verification that the correct syntax is used when taking backup
• Updating the machine with new PLC programs is very easy
• Possible to extract specific applications and system
files from the backup
• Official UVA LIDKÖPING tool for maintaining the U2 system
• Easy for UVA LIDKÖPING to support customers using this tool

User interface

• A PC is connected to the machine (Uvatronic 2).
• The program “PC U2 Serial Light” (provided in the
package) is started and a command issued in the Uvatronic 2 system.
• All user PLC variable values (grinding ref., etc.) and NC
applications will then be saved to the PC within approx. 15 minutes.
• If need be, the saved data can then be restored, using
the same method. Estimated restore time is also approx. 15 minutes.


In the Uvatronic 2 system a new PLC program is flashed
into the machine. The PC program is delivered as an MSI
file. ”Click” it and follow the instructions. Installation is
estimated to 4 hours.