Upgrade – Servo Optimization

Get the most out of your UVA machine

Will significantly reduce “floor-to-floor” cycle time


• This upgrade will signi!cantly reduce the cycle time of
your UVA machine. The reduction depends on the type
of machine you are using.

• For a Single bore nozzle grinding machine, experience
from about 50 machines indicates that the “floor-to-floor”
cycle time can be reduced by 11% or about 3 seconds
per nozzle. During one year, this gives an output in
crease of about 50-60 000 nozzles

• For a Double bore nozzle grinding machine, cycle time
reductions of about 5-6% have been achieved or about
2 seconds shorter cycle time. This equates to an output
increase of about 40 000 nozzles per year.


• Modification of parameters in the ampli!ers.
• Replacement of the coupling to the bed slides to
accommodate faster accelerations and better dynamics.
The grinding process itself will remain the same.


Estimated to 2 days service assignment


This upgrade is applicable to U88 nozzle machines
equipped with Uvatronic 2 control system and Diax 03 and
Diax 04 servo system, i.e. machines with rotary motors and
ball screws/racks.