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LIDKÖPING precision assembly repair of bearing units

UVA LIDKÖPING has always focused on high quality and reliability on our grinding machines.

In this respect, the grinding spindle is one of the most critical components. LIDKÖPING High Frequency Grinding spindles are specially designed for demanding internal and external grinding operations where optimum precision at high production rates is expected. Because the grinding spindle is the heart of the machine, UVA LIDKÖPING recommends an OEM repair so that the  grinder will continue to deliver the same quality and productivity as when the machine was new.

When the LIDKÖPING parts such as spindles, slides, dressing units or other parts need service, they are sent to the same precision assembly shop at our factory in Sweden that originally built the part. Here, UVA LIDKÖPING’s specialists have both the knowledge and the special equipment needed to return your UVA LIDKÖPING part to the same performance level as when it was new. The highlights for a spindle repair procedures are outlined below.

Spindle Bearings

The bearings are the most critical to the performance of our spindles. UVA LIDKÖPING purchases bearings in batches in order to control quality. Due to the extreme demands on spindles, we have sometimes found that even bearings that meet the manufacturers’ strictest standards will fail prematurely in service. UVA LIDKÖPING tests all new and repaired spindles as described below to prevent such failures. If an excessive number of bearing fail these tests, the entire batch is rejected and returned to the manufacturer.

If requested the customer can receive an estimated quote before
sending it for repair. The part to be repaired is sent to a UVA LIDKÖPING site.
The part is controlled and evaluated. A quote is sent to the customer
with a delivery time and price.


- Fast response to inquiries and orders
- Repairs performed by skilled personnel
- Original spare parts secure the correct functionality
- In many cases parts older the 35 years can be repaired

To send your repairs or goods to UVA LIDKÖPING

Please fill out the form “Repair order Goods to LIDKÖPING” pdf, which you find to the right. Write your contact person, company adress together with information regarding the details you are sending for repair or returning for other reasons. If you have a shipping contact write your customer number on the sheet.
Do you have any questions please contact the UVA LIDKÖPING site you are sending your goods to by clicking “Contact KMT Grinding“.